Impacts of Privatization

Positive Impacts of Privatizing Space-Travel

Privatizing space exploration can have a positive impact on society In the future, we may have buildings and houses provided electricity and heat by space. We can get rid of nuclear waste by releasing it into space. We can mine on other planets and in orbit objects such as asteroids. One company is already planning on future asteroid mining, the reason this would be useful is because asteroids hold elements such as gold, iridium, silver, etcetera. Elements needed for industry and food production could be exhausted on Earth within 50-60 years, and to fix that, we could send platinum, cobalt, and other valuable elements to Earth for profit. There are three options for mining that we could use, bring raw material to Earth for use, Process it and only bring back processed materials, or take the asteroid for an orbit around the Moon, Earth, or ISS so materials are theoretically not wasted. Extraction techniques are surface mining, shaft mining, magnetic rakes, heating, Mond process, and self-replicating machines. Organisations working on asteroid mining are, Deep Space Industries, Kepler Energy and Space Engineering, and Planetary Resources. Some of the potential asteroids are, Ryugu, 1989 ML, Nereus, Didymos, 2011 UW158, Anteros, 2001 CC21, 1992 TC, 2001 SG10, and 2002 DO3. Some of the ongoing and planned missions are OSIRIS-REx, Hayabusa 2, Asteroid Redirect Mission, and Fobos-Grunt 2. We can develop a multi-planet economy. We can develop new medical technologies made possible by space exploration. We can develop new types of integrated circuts using materials from space. We can create commercial orbital transportation services to get us places faster than other types of transportation services could. If we were to not privatize space travel, then there would be many things including new technologies that we could not make, we also may run out of resources at some point affecting the economy and how we live.

Negative Impacts of Privatizing Space-Travel

Privatizing space exploration can have a negative impact on society. Manufactured objects often are left behind in the earth's orbit. There are around 500,000 pieces of debris in orbit. Some of the debris includes broken spacecraft, pieces of launch vehicles, and pieces of satellites that break off during explosions.

In conclusion privatizing space exploration can have both positive and negative impacts on how we live.