At NASA, there are a wide assortmment of careers that will help us to achieve humans setting foot on Mars. But not only are there careers at NASA, many other private companies, such as Spacex offer careers too. Everyone is extremely important in every position. We could never reach space without or team of engineers, technicians, writers, and many more workers.

Everyone loves astronauts. They are the highly trained professionals who go to space. The astronauts have to do lots of training and hard work to get up there, and lots of work needs to be done in space too. They also have to know what to do in every situation.

There are many different kinds of engineers each with a very important job. Some include software, structural and propulsion. Engineers are essential because they design and build everything the astronauts will need on their journey to Mars, their stay, and their journey back. These things include life support, autopilot systems, rockets, landing systems, spacesuits, and communication devices.

Our scientists tell us what the astronauts will be going through on their journey to Mars. They can tell us what the astronauts should prepare for and how.

Our medical doctors make sure the astronauts have all the equipment and knowledge they will need to treat themselves and other astronauts medically. They also make sure the astronauts are medically sufficient to go to space.

Other job positions work with writing, contracts, accounting, employment, information, bussiness, and construction.

If you are interested in joining NASA, please contact:
NASA Headquarters
300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30
Washington, DC 20546
(202) 358-0001 (Office)
(202) 358-4338 (Fax)